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"Stick to This ONE Type of Trading Plan and Watch Your Profits Soar!"

Three Simple Trading Plans
Here's What You Get...
Simple Trading Plan 1: Big Move Potential, value $297

This Simple Trading Plan, just like the other 2, will fit on one sheet of paper and you'll get all the entry, exit and money management rules.

Simple Trading Plan 2: The Continuation Plan, value $297

Taking advantage of an established trend is a big step in keeping you out of harms way and making money as a result.

Simple Trading Plan 3: The Extremes Plan, value $297

Markets get overbought and oversold all the time.  This plan helps put that extra ‘fluff’ in your pocket.

Complete EXPLANATION and DEMONSTRATION Videos of all of the Simple Trading Plans in action, value $497

Multiple examples of all 3 plans showing entries, exits and all the
risk-management moves in between.

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Bonus One: Two Proprietary Subconscious Trainings, value $197

'Believing In Yourself' and 'Exercising Patience'. You'll experience a Day-In-The-Life of The Disciplined Trader by beginning your day with one of these powerful 7-minute mental trainings.

Bonus Two: Real Life Journaling. Once Before the Trading Day Begins and Again After the Trading Day is Over, value $297

I'll reveal how I personally journal. And give you plenty of examples.

Bonus Three: One Year Access to All Materials and Recordings. I'll Just Throw That in Because I Want You to Have It!

Plan materials and recordings…raw recording, highlight recordings… everything. That's enough time for you to get everything down pat 5 times over!   I didn't want time to be a factor, so 90 days… even 6 months...was not enough.

Total value: $1,882

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If you're ready to move NOW, and commit to making your trading life more simple and more effective and you're ready to take action, all I'm asking you to invest is $497.

That's about 75% off the value of this essential training.

That's it!   $497. 

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Here's my guarantee to you:

If, within 60 days from the time the program begins, you don't feel that you're getting total satisfaction with what you've invested in, just send me an email or call me… and request a full no-questions-asked refund. You don't even need to tell me why. I trust that you're honest and have a good reason.

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